General information

Edarts NZ Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
New Zealand Business Number
Company Number
Company Status
R911495 - R911495 Sports And Service To Sports - Community Sport Nec
Industry classification codes with description

Edarts Nz Limited (issued a business number of 9429046533524) was registered on 04 Jan 2018. 1 address is currently in use by the company: 16 Dagenham Street, Manurewa, Auckland, 2102 (type: registered, physical). 1000 shares are allotted to 2 shareholders who belong to 2 shareholder groups. The first group includes 1 entity and holds 400 shares (40% of shares), namely:
Stefan Yagmich (an individual) located at Maraetai, Auckland postcode 2018. As far as the second group is concerned, a total of 1 shareholder holds 60% of all shares (exactly 600 shares); it includes
Lorene Gilliam (a director) - located at Manurewa, Auckland. "R911495 Sports and service to sports - community sport nec" (business classification R911495) is the classification the Australian Bureau of Statistics issued to Edarts Nz Limited. The Businesscheck information was updated on 31 Oct 2018.

Current address Type Used since
16 Dagenham Street, Manurewa, Auckland, 2102 Registered & physical 04 Jan 2018
Name and Address Role Period
Lorene Kuratu Mere Gilliam
Manurewa, Auckland, 2102
Address used since 04 Jan 2018
Director 04 Jan 2018 - current
Stefan Mark Yagmich
Maraetai, Auckland, 2018
Address used since 21 Jul 2018
Director 21 Jul 2018 - current
Financial Data
Financial info
Total number of Shares
Annual return filing month
Shares Allocation #1 Number of Shares: 400
Shareholder Name Address Period
Stefan Mark Yagmich
21 Jul 2018 - current
Shares Allocation #2 Number of Shares: 600
Shareholder Name Address Period
Lorene Kuratu Mere Gilliam
04 Jan 2018 - current

Historic shareholders

Shareholder Name Address Period
Glenn Andrew Mitchell
Glen Eden
15 Jan 2018 - 28 Aug 2018
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