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Civvy Street Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
New Zealand Business Number
Company Number
Company Status
M696245 - M696245 Management Consultancy Service
Industry classification codes with description

Civvy Street Limited (issued a New Zealand Business Number of 9429042072096) was started on 18 Nov 2015. 1 address is currently in use by the company: 25 Waimea Road, Waikanae Beach, Waikanae, 5036 (type: physical, registered). 2/92A Coronation Road, Hillcrest, Auckland had been their physical address, until 19 Sep 2019. 1 share is allocated to 1 shareholder who belongs to 1 shareholder group. The first group contains 1 entity and holds 1 share (100 per cent of shares), namely:
Fiona Evans (a director) located at Hillcrest, Auckland postcode 0627. "M696245 Management consultancy service" (business classification M696245) is the category the ABS issued Civvy Street Limited. Businesscheck's information was last updated on 08 May 2022.

Current address Type Used since
25 Waimea Road, Waikanae Beach, Waikanae, 5036 Physical & registered 19 Sep 2019
Contact info
64 22616 0814
Phone (Phone)
No website
Name and Address Role Period
Fiona Evans
Hillcrest, Auckland, 0627
Address used since 18 Nov 2015
Waikanae Beach, Waikanae, 5036
Address used since 11 Sep 2019
Director 18 Nov 2015 - current
Principal place of activity
25 Waimea Road , Waikanae Beach , Waikanae , 5036
Previous address Type Period
2/92a Coronation Road, Hillcrest, Auckland, 0627 Physical & registered 18 Nov 2015 - 19 Sep 2019
Financial Data
Financial info
Total number of Shares
Annual return filing month
01 Oct 2021
Annual return last filed
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 1
Shareholder Name Address Period
Fiona Evans
18 Nov 2015 - current
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