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Kumisifa Real Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
New Zealand Business Number
Company Number
Company Status
L671160 - L671160 Rental Of Residential Property
Industry classification codes with description

Kumisifa Real Limited (issued an NZ business identifier of 9429033746364) was registered on 15 Nov 2006. 2 addresses are currently in use by the company: 32 King St, Opotiki (type: physical, registered). 1000 shares are issued to 1 shareholder who belongs to 1 shareholder group. The first group includes 1 entity and holds 1000 shares (100 per cent of shares), namely:
Ian Peterson (an individual) located at Opotiki. "L671160 Rental of residential property" (business classification L671160) is the classification the Australian Bureau of Statistics issued Kumisifa Real Limited. Our information was updated on 30 Apr 2022.

Current address Type Used since
32 King St, Opotiki Physical & registered 15 Nov 2006
32 King St, Opotiki Other (Address For Share Register) 15 Nov 2006
Contact info
64 7 3156314
Phone (Phone)
No website
Name and Address Role Period
Ian Roger Peterson
Opotiki, Opotiki, 3122
Address used since 28 Oct 2015
Director 15 Nov 2006 - current
Financial Data
Financial info
Total number of Shares
Annual return filing month
10 Dec 2021
Annual return last filed
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 1000
Shareholder Name Address Period
Ian Roger Peterson
15 Nov 2006 - current
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