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NZ Leading Electrical Limited

Type: NZ Limited Company (Ltd)
New Zealand Business Number
Company Number
Company Status
E323220 - E323220 Electrical Services
Industry classification codes with description

Nz Leading Electrical Limited (issued an NZBN of 9429030557055) was incorporated on 09 Aug 2012. 1 address is currently in use by the company: 1350 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, 3010 (type: registered, physical). Nz Leading Electrical Limited used other names, namely: W J Murray Group Limited from 08 Aug 2012 to 10 Oct 2012. 120 shares are allocated to 1 shareholder who belongs to 1 shareholder group. The first group contains 1 entity and holds 120 shares (100% of shares), namely:
Wade Murray (a director) located at Rd 9, Hamilton postcode 3289. "E323220 Electrical services" (business classification E323220) is the category the ABS issued to Nz Leading Electrical Limited. Businesscheck's data was updated on 23 Jun 2020.

Current address Type Used since
1350 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua, Rotorua, 3010 Registered & physical 09 Aug 2012
Name and Address Role Period
Wade Murray
Rd 9, Hamilton, 3289
Address used since 26 Oct 2016
Director 09 Aug 2012 - current
Financial Data
Financial info
Total number of Shares
Annual return filing month
31 Oct 2019
Annual return last filed
Shares Allocation Number of Shares: 120
Shareholder Name Address Period
Wade Murray
Rd 9
09 Aug 2012 - current
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